Corporate Counsel Partners, ALCSmith&wilson Legal Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Emerging Companies

About Corporate Counsel Partners

Corporate Counsel Partners is headquartered in Pasadena, California and serves clients in all of the major business centers in California, including the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Francisco. Our Clients cover a wide range of entrepreneurs, emerging companies, established corporations and higher education institutions. Our primary focus is to maximize the value of each client’s venture while providing representation uniquely-tailored to each client’s needs through our Outsource General Counsel Program.


Our Philosophy

Many law firms will actively compete for your business, and frequently they appear to offer similar services. So how can you tell which law firm is right for you?

Clients tell us that they want their attorneys to be easily accessible, and we have responded by ensuring that we are available anytime an issue arises, whether during or after business hours. In today’s fast-paced business environment, clients don’t often have time to make trips to the attorney’s office, so we are always available to come to you. Clients want to work with attorneys who understand the intricacies of their business, so we begin every engagement by learning about your company and the nuances of your industry. Clients want information necessary to make business decisions, so we are committed to communicating with clients without charge so that we can assist you in choosing the best course for your company from both legal and a business perspective.

What clients really want to know is that their budget for legal services is money well spent. We are therefore committed to maximizing the value of every dollar invested in the legal matters we handle. This value means a concerted effort to keep the business goals at the forefront of any legal decision, to avoid steps that unnecessarily hinder the business of the company, and keep litigation costs to an absolute minimum. We measure the success of our legal services by the way our services help you achieve growth and increased value relative to others within your industry.

Outsource General Counsel Program

Have you ever needed to just pick up the phone and get a quick answer to the legal questions that inevitably come up in the day to day operation of your business? Have you ever wished that your company had your own general counsel working in an office just down the hall so you could poke your head in and ask for advice when needed? Have you ever considered the benefits of having a partner that is dedicated to guiding the company towards your goals, helping to navigate around the legal pitfalls along the way? Corporate Counsel Partners has the program for you!

Our Outsource General Counsel Program was designed with the entrepreneur and the emerging company in mind. We started with a simple proposition: most companies would love to have access to their own general counsel, one that knew their specific business from an insider’s perspective. But few companies can justify the overhead that comes with actually employing a full time attorney. And when relying on the alternative – using an outside law firm – we learned the number one complaint preventing most companies from developing this type of relationship was the billing model used by most firms: charges for every phone call you make, charges for every visit, charges for even the most basic questions.

Corporate Counsel Partners offers a uniquely-tailored program to overcome these obstacles. We begin by eliminating the cost involved with speaking to an attorney. Unless we are actually performing work on a specific project for the company, you can communicate with us at any time without being charged. In this way, you can ask questions, discuss hypothetical situations, explore potential issues, and actually get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Next, we do everything we can to provide the same advantages of having an in-house attorney. We schedule routine visits to your company so that we can get to know you, your business, your employees, your products and your industry. At your option, we are also available to attend board meetings, company training sessions and meetings with senior management. In this way, anytime a legal issue arises, we know everything about the context in which it arises. We even attend many of our client’s company picnics!

Unlike many firms that charge a retainer for being “on call,” we have no such requirements. We invite each client to review our engagement letter, allow us to meet with them to learn more about their business needs, and then engage with us without cost. Because our policy is not to charge for general communications, you are then free to consult with us knowing that if a real issue were to arise, we are ready to assist you right away.

Our end goal is to form a long-term relationship with each of our clients and to help each client realize their financial and business objectives. We become an integral part of our clients’ business planning and strategic initiatives. Perhaps the best indicator of the value of our services is the number of business owners who, after realizing the value of their last company, come back to work with us time and time again each time they start a next venture.

We invite you to take the next step by contacting us so that we can provide you with any other information regarding out Outsource General Counsel Program.