Corporate Counsel Partners, ALCSmith&wilson Legal Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Emerging Companies


Welcome to Corporate Counsel Partners.  We are confident that after learning more about the way in which we represent our clients, you will want to take the next step toward starting a relationship with our firm.

Imagine forming a relationship with an attorney who acts as your company’s own general counsel, an attorney who intimately understands the inner workings of your business and who can provide valuable legal and business advice.  Consider a firm which believes that clients should not be charged for general counsel, and one that believes that legal costs which do not add value to your company should be avoided.

Corporate Counsel Partners was founded on the idea that law firms need to fundamentally change the manner in which they deliver legal services in order to meet the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and emerging companies.  In the ever increasing competitiveness of today’s business environment, successful companies cannot afford to be held back by law firms that slow down business processes or are prohibitively expensive.

Take just a moment to scan through our website to learn more about the way in which Corporate Counsel Partners can make a difference in your own company’s success.